Your Home Is You

Your home is made of wood and nails. It’s made of doors and windows, but it’s more than that.

Home is the canvas on which much of our life is painted. It’s the place we long to return to. It’s the joy we celebrate when we find it. It’s the castle upon which our personal kingdom is built.

Your home is built with infinite memories. Crack open an old scrapbook or browse through your digital photo album and you’ll see the most prominent memories start at home. Graduation. Birth. Marriage. Birthdays. Holidays. Little League. These moments are captured at home.

At Coldwell Banker, we believe we know the feeling of home better than anyone else. It’s the foundation on which our brand was built and the reason it’s succeeded for 107 years. Millions of people have trusted us with helping them find a place to call home. That’s humbling.

The largest investment of their life. The most significant purchase people make. The place where children are raised. Hearts are broken. Puppies are brought to. Where love resides. The place that is an extension of those that abide therein. Home. Home is what people trust a Coldwell Banker agent with every single day.

Home is not just a place. Home is our calling. And we realize that your home is who you are.

That’s the message we want to convey in our latest ad for 2014. It will make it’s television debut on the Academy Awards this Sunday, March 2nd. Some brands run ads to grab attention, beat their chests or to entice you to visit their websites. Coldwell Banker runs ads to convey a message. A message we believe strongly in.

Your home is the only place in the world where you know one perfectly wonderful thing for certain…you’re home.

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