What Happens When Real Estate Agents Take Their Work Home With Them?

Guest post by Elise Ramer

Have you ever toured a property and thought, “That’s exactly the kind of kitchen I would want in my own home?” Or, have you seen a high-tech toy in a property that you wished you had? Danny Hertzberg, a member of The Jills®, the No.1 Coldwell Banker team worldwide and No. 1 real estate team in America, did just that. He has taken aspects from his most spectacular listings and incorporated them into his condo to create the ultimate Miami Beach bachelor pad.

Hertzberg purchased his condo at 100 South Pointe Drive in Miami Beach back in 2012. It was a standard two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the City of Miami. But, he saw more than just floor-to-ceiling windows in his 1,438 abode. He saw potential. Wanting to improve upon his own home, he started building a mental collection of things he liked from his listings and finding ways to incorporate them into his condominium. As Danny grew his real estate business over the next several years, he upgraded his condominium, piece by piece and sale by sale.

“It was important to take on the renovations one at a time. I had a master plan, and selling real estate in order to complete these projects was a big part of it.”

Let’s take a look at these inspired rooms inside Danny’s condo.

The Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Miami Condo

6650 Roxbury, which is on the market for $6.5 million, was the inspiration for my master bathroom. The owners designed it in a high tech, yet elegant manner. I liked the way they incorporated their high-definition television into the master bath. In others listings I have seen, big screens in the bathroom can appear out of place. The design of their vanity imbedded the flat screen into a custom mirror, which was clever.”

Hertzberg upgraded his master bathroom to include a custom-made counter top, vanity and mirror where a flat screen television is recessed behind the mirror. There is a special coating on the mirror that allows the TV to be viewed clearly when powered on.

Next, he replaced the master shower and outfitted it with Waterworks fixtures.

“The new lifestyle direction in bathrooms is to recreate a spa feeling. The teak and Corian vanity, as well as the tile and shower glass were purposefully selected to emulate a spa-like experience.”

Natural Wood Floors

“I really liked the wood floors used in a new construction project at the Ocean House,” said Hertzberg. “I’d shown property there, and the beautiful natural wooden floors in the common areas of the building really caught my eye. I have noticed the trend moving away from narrow planks, and I wanted that look for my own home.”

Guest Bathroom

“Many of the clients who work with The Jills also happen to be real estate developers. One such home was owned by a professional MLB athlete who was …read more

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