Tumblr Founder & CEO Knows All About Modern and Vintage Design

Den Tumblr Founder & CEO Knows All About Modern and Vintage Design

27 year-old David Karp knows a thing or two about design. In 2007, at the tender age of 21 he launched the groundbreaking micro-blogging platform ‘Tumblr‘ which went on to revolutionize user generated content creation forever. 140 million blogs, 63 billion pieces of content and a $1.1 billion Yahoo purchase of Karp’s blogging juggernaut later; the site continues to shine as a beacon for sleek minimalist inspired design.

Apparently the whiz kid extraordinaire’s fascination with good clean and simple design isn’t relegated just to the web; as evidenced by a recent Airows story on his apartment. The photo tour of his $1.6 million Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft revealed he has a deft touch at “blending modern and industrial elements together seamlessly” but doing so with subtle vintage additions that make the home feel warm and inviting.

Minimalist and ultra modern design seems to be all the rave these days but it can be easy to overdue the industrial elements and create a cold and clinical feeling space. Let’s take a look at David Karp’s Brooklyn loft for some rules on how to make modern interior design feel real and welcoming.

Pictures Tumblr Founder & CEO Knows All About Modern and Vintage Design

David Karp’s living room space is a poster child for ultra-modern New York City loft design. The room is highlighted by the original brickwork on the wall, reclaimed oak floors and expertly selected furniture with clean lines. The real special part of this room that adds a human feel to it are the pictures laid across his large cabinet. The first rule of not overdoing modern decor is to make sure you add in those personal touches: family photos, kids’ artwork, framed movie tickets or anything else that tells your story.

Kitchen Tumblr Founder & CEO Knows All About Modern and Vintage Design

The heart and soul of any home is the kitchen! Most industrial spaces make the mistake of overdoing it on simplicity when it comes to kitchen decor. David’s kitchen is a harmonious mix of modern/vintage (subway tiles) but he breathes real life into it with the open cabinetry that showcases his cups, bowls and plates. What results is a lived-in feeling that makes it feel homey and real. Plus, it’s really easy for him to reach his dishes!

Office Tumblr Founder & CEO Knows All About Modern and Vintage Design

Rule #3 in the book of good minimalist design is to make sure you add quirky pieces that speak to your passions and who you are; even if they seem completely out of place. For instance, David highlights his passion for motorcycles by putting a vintage motorcycle body right smack in the middle of his office. One would think …read more

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