Real Ale turns attention to the craft of distilling

The following year, he secured licenses, ordered a hand-hammered copper still and started “quietly” distilling spirits and aging them for 17 to 20 months in No. 3 charred oak barrels.

The brewery contributes the foundational liquid in the form of beers Real Heavy Scotch ale and Devil’s Backbone, a Belgian-style tripel, brewed to recipe except for the hops and at a slightly cooler temperature.

The result of this process is then distilled to a higher alcohol level and aged separately before being “mingled” (as opposed to “blended,” which has a specific meaning for whiskey makers) together and with a single-malt concoction.

[…] Real Ale White becomes gin when distilled with 10 botanicals, including not just juniper but also coriander, lavender and bottlebrush leaves that add a lemony menthol flavor.

Bottles, along with seasonal cocktails like the Brad Smash with fresh lemon juice and a hibiscus simple syrup made on site, are sold exclusively at the Real Ale taproom.

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