Dog-Friendly Furniture Creates a Happy Home for Dallas Animal Lovers

You can make any Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home comfortable for furry friends and their humans. The key, according to designers, is choosing dog-friendly furniture and creating a living environment you can easily clean.

After Your Dog, Your Vacuum Is Your Best Friend

According to an HGTV interview with pet columnist Julia Szabo, the best tool you can have if you live with dogs is a good vacuum cleaner. Szabo recommends the Dyson DC14 Animal, praising its “miraculous ability to suck up animal hair.” But she points out that getting rid of the hair is just the first step: Dog hair contains oil that attracts dirt, so choosing washable bedding, rugs, and spot-clean fabric for furniture is a must, Szabo says.

Easy-Clean Furniture Coverings

According to HGTV, leather is a great choice for dog owners. Simply wipe it down. Szabo is also a big fan of Ultrasuede, a machine-washable microfiber fabric that is comfortable and easy to spot-clean. Avoid fabrics like chintz or silk, or any loose-weave fabric that may get snagged by a doggie toenail. White and light colors are probably not the best option for homes with dogs, unless you opt for stain-resistant fabrics and clean them frequently.

Keep Fido Bathed and Well-Groomed

A clean dog creates fewer stains and produces less oil to attract dirt on dog-friendly furniture. Fortunately for Dallas-Fort Worth pet owners, groomers abound in DFW. You don’t have to own a toy breed to take your dog to a groomer — any dog can benefit from their services. Groomers bathe pets, trim their nails, and can create a “sanitation cut” for older dogs that may not be able to keep themselves as clean as younger pets.

Self-serve facilities — provide shampoo, conditioner, water, and a place to secure your pet — can also take the hassle out of frequent dog bathing. These businesses are a great option for larger dog owners, especially in the colder months when it’s not practical to bathe a dog outside.

Ditch the Carpet

Even a top-of-the-line vacuum won’t get all of the pet hair and stains out of carpet. Many Metroplex dog lovers go with hardwood, tile, or stained concrete flooring. If you have hardwood floors, keep your pet’s nails trimmed to prevent scratches. Tile is a great choice, but be sure to wash the grout thoroughly if your pet has an accident. Stained concrete is easy to clean, and its surface can repel pollens that your pet brings in from outdoors.

By following these tips, Dallas dog owners can enjoy a comfortable, great-looking home.

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