Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

red fiat Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of our behind the scenes look at the Coldwell Banker TV shoot. Day 2 had some really interesting shots, some pretty amazing venues.and two incredible vehicles.

So from the first clip in the video above you can see we had a cherry red Fiat convertible. Why on earth would that be in a real estate commercial? Well the theme of our spots this year is that feeling of coming home and one of the visuals we wanted to get is pulling into the garage after being away on vacation or a long day at work. Hence the Fiat.

Now if you think I look enormous in that car it’s because the car is basically an oversized Matchbox car. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful machine, but not meant for people over 6 feet tall. Interesting fact: Garages are difficult to find in Chile. Most homes use car ports or have no covering for their cars so we had to hunt down 3 of the only homes in the entire country that had a garage.

You saw in the video we had a beautiful modern looking home that was the setting for most of Day 2. It’s a gorgeous home with an incredible backyard that offered us a variety of shots to capture. Animals were a part of our second day and the dog on set was ridiculously cute and well behaved. Other animals included a dead snake on the neighbors front yard and a few stray dogs that decided they wanted to hang around the food truck.

chile dog Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

We finished the day shooting an evening fire pit scene in the backyard. We wrapped up the rest of the shots around 6 p.m. and only needed this night shot to complete the day. Well it turns out the sun doesn’t start to set in Chile until after 9 p.m. at night, so we had to wait for 4 hours for the sun to go completely down to get the night shots. We amused ourselves with plenty of sports banter, kicking the soccer ball around and even a few “stupid human tricks” with members of the crew. And of course we snacked on pretty much anything we could get our hands on.

contemporary home Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

Here’s a shot of our agency partners at Siltanen & Partners along with Gustavo Gonzalez and me with our “final shot” of the day.

TeamPhoto Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

More to come in our look behind the scenes with day 3 tomorrow where we take a trip to the beach and perfect the art of jumping …read more

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