Adauto in the Woods: A Film from Brazil

The beautiful country of Brazil is known for its pristine beaches, Carnival, Samba and of course their passion for the beautiful game of ‘football’. South America’s largest country also happens to be home to over 2.1 million square miles of astoundingly unspoiled tropical rain forest. It is deep within the tranquility of these magnificent rain forests where our next film takes us; on a journey to meet ‘Adauto in the Woods‘.

Directed by Brazilian Filmmaker Ivo Machado, who has studied at the world renown film school at the University of Southern California, ‘Adauto in the Woods‘ is an amazing short documentary film about a family who lives on the edge of civilization in a home without doors. While most may find this strange, Adauto and his loved ones couldn’t be more happy and content with their relaxed way of life.

“As soon as the birds start to sing
At first sight of the sun, I wake up” – Adauto

Not only is Adauto’s home set in a secluded but beautiful part of Brazil, the home’s architecture is simple, green and blends together perfectly with the nature that surrounds it.

Join us for the second story from our Coldwell Banker International Film Festival where you’ll find that no matter how different a home may be, when it boils down to it we all pretty much value the same things in home.

Visit for a look at ‘Adauto in the Woods’.

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