A New Kitchen for a Cupcake Baking and Cancer Research Funding Kid

cupcakes A New Kitchen for a Cupcake Baking and Cancer Research Funding Kid

Livy O’Donnell is an inspiration to us all and has used her home kitchen to make a difference in her family and the world around us.

Young Livy hails from my town of Rockaway, NJ where she’s shown a proclivity for baking tasty treats for friends and family. She’s also used her talents to bake for various charities and fundraising events in her town. But then something happened that made her even more focused in her cause.

This past year her dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. While he battled chemotherapy and surgeries, Livy headed into the kitchen to bake. Not just to lift her dad’s spirits, but to start selling her baked goods to help raise money for cancer research.

Our friends from NBC’s George to the Rescue heard about Livy’s endeavors and thought she deserved a kitchen that would be better suited to the cause she is dedicated to. So they redid the O’Donnell’s kitchen to make it bigger while also adding unique touches just for Livy, like a pink Kitchen Aid mixer.

The family has not only enjoyed the goods coming out of the kitchen, but also that the room has now become the gathering place for their home. The video above is the family talking about what makes the concept of home so special to them and I know your heart will be warmed by the amazing girl and her family.

To learn more about Livy and her cupcake charitable efforts, visit Sweet Livy’s on Facebook.

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